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Smart tools to boost your productivity


Types text for you

Create your own abbreviations, or use predefined sets, to insert text, images, and more with just a few keystrokes. Typinator multiplies your typing efficiency while checking for mistakes, too. Save time for the really important things in life.


Special characters at your fingertips

Stop searching for, then copy-pasting special characters into your texts. With PopChar, you insert special characters of any installed font in the blink of an eye.


Simplify life with keyboard shortcuts

Display a handy list of all keyboard shortcuts of any program you're using—and seize the chance to even create your very own shortcuts. Try it out, save time, and you'll never want to work without KeyCue anymore.

What our customers say

    • As usual with Ergonis's products, simplicity and reliability are the watchwords.

    • First Mac software ever that convinced me to register after a trial period of 5 minutes. Good job!

      Hans Trygve Jensen
      Web Designer
    • I love Typinator. I have tried the others, but Typinator is the easiest – by far. It is one of four essential productivity apps I could not live without.

      Michael Hyatt
    • One of the most useful programs for the Mac. I use this program hundreds of times a day. It's a HUGE time-saver.

      Wilma Keppel
    • A shout-out to Ergonis for saving me – so far – nearly four entire months of 16-hour days of my life!

      Bill Thayer
      Chicago, IL, USA
    • Typinator is the BEST utility I have purchased in a very long time. I tested a couple of other products before purchasing yours and only Typinator was 100% rock-solid.

      Hugh Nagle