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Insert text and images - save time with Typinator

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Marion Lugmayr

Productivity Specialist


Sometimes, you come across software that makes you wonder how you ever survived without it. Software that makes a real difference - a tool that saves you time, and changes a difficult chore into a quick and pleasurable task.

Typinator is that kind of tool. It can change the way you work, making you more productive and less likely to make mistakes. It might sound too good to be true - but really - this is how Typinator can make a difference to you.

Less typing - more quick text insertion

If you do a lot of typing, you know how often you repeat the same phrases and paragraphs. Introductions, confirmations, thank-yous and goodbyes - you'll rarely type an email that doesn't contain at least one or two of these staple building blocks. They don't demand any thinking on your part, but they still take time and put a strain on your fingers. With Typinator, this is no longer necessary.

Typinator lets you set up so-called boilerplates or text templates, which means that you only have to type frequently used text once. In the future, you simply use an abbreviation to insert the desired text - system-wide, in whichever application you're currently using. You can also insert the current date and/or time with just a few keystrokes.

Fewer mistakes - more automatic correction

We all have our common typing mistakes that happen time and time again. You know how to spell, but your fingers are stubborn and keep doing things their own way. A lot of applications include spell-checkers, but sometimes this simply isn't enough. Yes, your typos are underlined in red, but going back and correcting them takes time and effort. Ideally, you'd like the software to not just spot your mistakes, but fix them - and this is exactly what Typinator can do.

To set up your own auto-correction tool, just add any frequently happening typos to the abbreviation list and the correct spelling as the expansion. In the future, Typinator will automatically correct your common mistakes - not just in MS Office, but system-wide in any application that you use!

More professionalism - insert images to your documents

Some documents can benefit from the addition of an image. Whether you would like to insert a map, the company logo or your own hand-written signature at the end of a letter, Typinator handles image insertion quickly and easily. For a more friendly touch, you can also insert smilies quickly and easily.

The unique thing about Typinator is that it can do all these things in all your applications - text and image insertion and auto-correction can now be done in your word processor, your email client, your instant messaging tool and much more. If you want to start saving time, download Typinator today. Soon, you'll wonder how you ever got by without it!

Typinator has received a lot of great feedback. Here's what one of our satisfied customers said:

This product is brilliant. I got so spoiled within the first hour that I can't quite figure out how I got along without it so many years. Good job, folks - you've done it again.

Mary van Bronkhorst (Online Game Designer), CA, USA.

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Save time with Typinator

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