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Spell checker for macOS - correct spelling errors as you type

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Verena Dirnberger

Head of HR

Most of us make spelling errors every now and then – when writing long documents, e-mails, letters and other stuff. It's really a pain in the neck to misspell the same words again and again.

If you are writing in German, you may not have fully switched to the latest spelling reform. You may not be sure which spelling is correct, and when you mix the old and new rules, your writing will not match either rule set.

Don't worry, there's a solution! Typinator helps you to make your work easier and more efficient. You don’t have to be annoyed with your typos any more. Once you have seen how Typinator improves all your spelling, you will hardly imagine how you have ever been able to work without it.

But what makes Typinator so special as a spell checker?

Many word processors include a spell checker nowadays. But these tools usually just highlight your spelling mistake. You then have to break into your writing, correct your mistake, then reposition the cursor again, and continue writing. Typinator instantly corrects your spelling error as you type and does not interrupt your workflow. Besides that, it is not available just in your favorite word processor, but system-wide in any application.

Typinator comes with built-in sets for automatic correction of many popular typing errors in English, German and French. The auto-correction sets contain thousands of spelling corrections that have been carefully designed to fix typing errors even when you work with multiple languages.

If you are typing German text, you will particularly enjoy Typinator helping you to switch to the latest language reform by translating many words and phrases according to the "Neue Deutsche Rechtschreibung".


The built-in auto-correction sets also include two sets that were contributed by TidBITS Publishing Inc. They contain more than 2200 additional entries that complement Typinator's corrections.

All auto-correction sets are provided as "subscriptions". This means that Typinator automatically updates the sets when we extend or otherwise improve them. You can still disable items if they contain words that are actually correct in a certain context. For example, if you often communicate with someone named Cotten, you don't want Typinator to replace his name with "Cotton". In such a case, just select the corresponding rule in Typinator and hit the backspace key to disable it.

What else can Typinator do for you?

But to correct your spelling mistakes is not the only thing Typinator can do for you. In fact, Typinator was initially developed to help you to speed up typing.

Typinator lets you insert text across all the applications on your macOS system, and it is remarkably easy to use. You define your own abbreviations and replacements - to insert the desired text, you simply type your abbreviation.

We have already received a lot of great feedback for our spell checker. Read what some of our satisfied customers said:

This product is brilliant. I got so spoiled within the first hour that I can't quite figure out how I got along without it so many years. Good job, folks - you've done it again.

Mary van Bronkhorst (Online Game Designer), CA, USA

Typinator is the best thing since sliced bread!

Michele DeFilippo (Book designer), AZ, USA

Get more information about Typinator here.

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