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Text templates on macOS

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Marion Lugmayr

Productivity Specialist

Text templates are invaluable for anyone who does a lot of repetitive typing. Rather than typing the same text over and over, a text template lets you get away with typing it just once and using an abbreviation to paste it in wherever it's needed. With Typinator, creating and using text templates is remarkably quick and easy - and the amount of time this will save you is nothing short of astonishing.

If you write a lot of emails, text templates can be a life saver. How often do you type things that demand no thinking but still put a strain on your fingers and wrists? How many times have you typed phrases like "Dear", "Yours sincerely" and "Kind regards"? Thousands? Tens of thousands?

With the help of text templates, you'll never have to type them again - just press one or two keys to type an abbreviation. To show you how text templates can cut down on the amount of typing you do, here are some examples:

Typing on a keyboard Typinator text template
Thank you for your letter (25 keystrokes) TFL (3 keystrokes)
I look forward to hearing from you soon. (40 keystrokes) ILF (3 keystrokes)
Yours sincerely (15 keystrokes) YS (2 keystrokes)
I hope that this information is of use to you. Please do not hesitate to contact us again if you have any further questions or need further assistance. (151 keystrokes) AFQ (3 keystrokes)

As you can see, text templates could help you type almost 200 characters less even if you only send two short emails a day. Those who send out dozens of letters every day could save a significant amount of time with Typinator, and their wrists and fingers will definitely be grateful, too!

Typinator text templates can also be used to create standard customer service responses - imagine the amount of time you will save when you can acknowledge customer orders and send shipping advisories without any effort. To further boost your productivity, Typinator will also insert the current date and time with just a few keystrokes. It can also insert images such as a smiley or your own handwritten signature, and auto-correct commonly misspelled words.

Typinator lets you insert text across all the applications on your system, and it is remarkably easy to use. You define your own abbreviations and replacements - to insert the desired text, you simply type your abbreviation.

Typinator has received a lot of great feedback. Here's what one of our satisfied customers said:

This product is brilliant. I got so spoiled within the first hour that I can't quite figure out how I got along without it so many years. Good job, folks - you've done it again.

Mary van Bronkhorst (Online Game Designer), CA, USA.

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