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FileMaker functions made easy for FileMaker developers

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Thomas Reichenberger


Claris FileMaker is powerful, easy-to-use database software. Millions of people in business, government, and education use FileMaker to effortlessly manage all their information on Windows, Mac, and the web. Developers from all over the world appreciate the convenient way of developing database solutions with FileMaker.

When defining the database structure, FileMaker developers can make use of so-called "calculation fields", a.k.a. "formula fields". A calculation field is a field that returns the result of a calculation of values. In a formula, you can use constants, operators, other fields, and functions.

A function is a predefined, named formula that performs a specific calculation and returns a single, specific value. Most functions include two main parts: the function name, and – if the function takes parameters – the parameters required by the function.

Quicker insertion of FileMaker functions

FileMaker comes with a long list of functions for developers to use in calculation fields. Unfortunately, the insertion of functions into a calculation can be a tedious task.

There are two ways to insert functions into FileMaker formulas, typing them by hand or choosing them from the list of functions. Due the huge number (more than 350) of FileMaker functions it's nearly impossible to keep all function names and corresponding parameter lists in mind, so most developers still end up in searching through the long list for every function they want to insert.

Here, Typinator can be a real productivity booster for FileMaker developers. Just download one of the FileMaker sets from the Extras page. There is one set for FileMaker 12 and another set for FileMaker 9, which also works for FileMaker versions 10 and 11. Once you have such a set installed, function names together with their parameters can now be inserted ultra-fast by typing a short abbreviation instead of tediously searching for them in long lists. This is particularly useful for all Get functions, where you normally have to switch to the proper category before you can select the desired function from the list.

Using Typinator to insert functions into calculation fields provides FileMaker developers with an unprecedented increase of productivity.

QuickSearch - a FileMaker functions cheat sheet

Now, where you have fast access to all functions, you should be able to efficiently insert functions into your calculation fields.

However, there is another problem. Filemaker comes with over 350 functions with different names and different parameter lists. Nobody can keep all these 350 functions or their abbreviations in mind.

Typinator can even help you here with a feature called QuickSearch. If you don't remember the exact function name or its abbreviation of a FileMaker formula, just bring up Typinator's QuickSearch field with a hotkey and enter a search string. Typinator pops up a list of matches, you select the one you want, and it appears in your document in a flash.

Typinator has received a lot of great user feedback, like:

Typinator has revolutionized my workflow – anytime I know I will need a phrase/explanation more than once - it goes directly into this brilliant product. What a timesaver!

Todd Gilbert (Second Street Media), MO, USA.

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