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Introducing PopChar 10: The future of character management is here!

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In the constantly changing world of design and text editing, having the right tools can significantly improve your workflow. Introducing PopChar 10, the latest version of the reliable character map and font viewer tool that has been trusted by professionals from various industries since 1987. This major update comes with a refreshed interface, improved functionality, and a range of features designed to make typography work not just easier, but more enjoyable too.

Why PopChar 10?

  • Redesigned user interface: Experience a modernized user interface that balances classic functionality with a modern aesthetic.
  • Innovative features: Dive into the improved selection process, now with single-click insertion for codes like Swift, making it perfect for developers and designers alike.
  • Expanded language support: With the addition of Spanish and full Unicode 15 compatibility, PopChar 10 supports the latest characters and symbols, making it a must-have tool for academics and professionals alike.
  • Optimized for macOS Sonoma: Enjoy a visually comfortable experience with enhanced Dark Mode support, tailored for the latest macOS.
  • An outstanding heritage: PopChar has seen changes in digital typography since 1987, continuously adapting to offer solutions for designers, typographers, translators, and academics. PopChar 10 is designed for professionals and tailored for your success.
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Elevate your typography game

PopChar 10 manages special characters and fonts that are effortless, intuitive, and deeply integrated into your creative process. Whether you're designing visuals, translating complex documents, or crafting scholarly articles, PopChar 10 is designed to support your ambitions and streamline your workflow.

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PopChar has seen quite a few changes in technology in the past 35 years

PopChar has long been essential for designers, translators, academics, editors, and anyone who frequently works with special characters and fonts. Since it first ran on Mac's earliest 68000 processors, PopChar has adapted through every Mac generation. It has seen various word processors come and go and only Microsoft Word and QuarkXpress already existed in 1987 and still exist today.


Trusted by legends

Industry pioneers also recognize the power of PopChar. Steve Wozniak, co-founder of Apple Inc. and a legendary figure in technology, shares his experience:
"I've been using PopChar since its early days and I simply love it. It redefined my work and is an absolute must-have for anyone serious about fonts, typography, and design."

Coming from a man who has revolutionized the way we interact with technology, this endorsement speaks volumes.

Experience PopChar 10 in action

Ready to explore the full potential of PopChar 10? Dive into our detailed video guides on YouTube and see how it can transform your work today.

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PopChar has now reached its 10th version, and we are thrilled to celebrate both the legacy of innovation and the invaluable feedback from our users that has helped us refine and improve. PopChar 10 is an essential tool for anyone involved in design and text work, from typing accented letters in foreign languages to inserting special characters and technical symbols in scientific documents. With a clear vision of the future, fueled by our community's input, we are ready for what's next, ensuring that PopChar remains an indispensable bridge from concept to creation in typography. PopChar 10 is your trusted partner on this journey, providing you with the power of efficiency in design like never before.

Upgrade to PopChar 10 today and step into the future of character and font management.

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Unlock the world of characters & fonts

It has never been easier to find and insert special characters. PopChar is available for Mac and Windows.