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Convert clipboard to plain text

When you copy text from word processors, the text ends up in the clipboard along with formatting information. When you then paste such a piece of text in another application, the text is inserted in the original font, size, and color.

If you wish to insert the text in the style that is being used in the destination document, you need to use a special paste command that strips off all formatting information. For example, Pages has a "Paste and Match Style" command for exactly this purpose. When an application does not offer such a special paste command, you can use Typinator for this task. Just create an abbreviation (e.g. "tws" for "text without style") and define the expansion as plain text that contains only the clipboard placeholder {clip} (use the {…} pop-up next to the expansion field and select the "Clipboard" item).

Whenever you type "tws", Typinator converts the content of the clipboard to plain text and inserts that in your document.