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Input fields with default values

Input fields are a great way to customize expansions. Just use input field markers to define variable parts. For example, you can define an input field {{?Delivery Time}} to define a variable part. TYP-PT_InputFields1.png Whenever you type the corresponding abbreviation, Typinator asks for the delivery time, so you can enter a different value every time: TYP-PT_InputFields2.png Typinator remembers the value that you enter and suggests the same value the next time.

When you know that a certain value will be the same in 99% of all cases, you can even specify the default value by putting it in angle brackets in the field marker:

 {{?Delivery Time<7>}}

Typinator will then always suggest the specified default value instead of what you entered the last time. This means that do not need to check the suggested value, since you know that it will be 7. Just type the abbreviation and hit the enter key to confirm the suggested value. You can even use other markers as default values. For example, you can use {{?Month<{M}>}} to preset the input field with the current month. Typinator will then automatically suggest the current month, but you can still overwrite it with another value. And the next time you use this expansion, Typinator will suggest the current month again.

Note that this tip requires Typinator 5.7 or newer. Older versions of Typinator do not support default values of input fields.

See also our article "Using input fields for counters" for an advanced application of default values.