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Pictures with links

Suppose you want to write an e-mail message with a clickable picture that contains a link to a web page. There are basically two ways to create pictures with links:

a. Styled text: You cannot associate a link directly in Typinator's expansion field, but you can prepare the image with the link in TextEdit and then copy/paste it into the expansion field. See the article "Advanced text formats and hyperlinks" for how to add a link in TextEdit.

b. HTML: As an alternative, you can create an HTML expansion (select “HTML” as the type of the expansion). This is most useful when the image exists on a web site and has a public URL.

Here is an example:

<a href="">  
<img src=""> 

This creates the picture (which must be stored as a PNG image on your web server) and wraps it in a link to the desired page on our web site. This works fine in most mail applications, but may not work as expected in other applications.