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Sync Typinator sets with Dropbox

By default, Typinator stores your sets in a folder on your hard disk. If you want to share your sets among different Macs you can use Dropbox for this (currently we can only support Dropbox as a reliable sync solution).

To quickly move all your sets to your Dropbox:

  1. Go to Preferences > Expansion and click the Change... button
  2. Navigate to your Dropbox folder listed in Locations
  3. Create a new or choose an existing folder for your Typinator sets in your Dropbox folder
    Important notice: For a reliable synchronization it's important that the Sets Folder is set as "Make offline available" (right click on the folder > Make offline available).
  4. Finally let Typinator copy all your sets to the new location when it offers to do so or manually copy your files there

Use the sets on any other Mac

On all your other Macs, install Dropbox and make your set folder offline available. In Typinator select the sets folder from your Dropbox folder.

Note that the “Includes” folder (which contains your includable text files and scripts) is also located inside the sets folder. If you use, for example, Dropbox to synchronize all your sets among multiple computers, this means that all text files and scripts that you use in your expansions will also get synchronised.

MacOS 12.5 or later

Read about the Dropbox updates with MacOS 12.5 or later if you have any problems finding your Dropbox folder or your Typinator Sets (Your Dropbox folder in Finder will now be found under Locations instead of Favourites.).

If you experience problems with missing abbreviations, please try to rewind your .tyset file that is having problems. Dropbox offers a 30-day version history of your files.