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5 tips to reduce stress at work

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Marion Lugmayr

Productivity Specialist

Work is stressful - we all know that. The Independent Health Insurance Funds (MLOZ) have found that between the years 2018 and 2021 the number of people, who were forced to stop working because of a burnout, had increased by 66%.

You also feel stressed out? Luckily, there are a few hacks to minimize the pressure.

1 Start your day organized

After getting the kids ready for kindergarten or school, taking care of our beloved animals and getting through the traffic jam in the morning, many people arrive at work already stressed.

Take yourself enough time for your morning routine and try to keep it as easy as possible. Some things we cannot change (like the beloved traffic jams) but putting out kid's cloths in the evening and prepare food ahead are simple tricks to avoid the typical morning chaos.

2 Structure your workday

At work - make sure to write down every meeting, deadline, or workshop in your calendar.
Schedule get-togethers at work carefully and always plan breaks between them, so you have enough time to go over your notes or to prepare for what comes next.
Pro Tip: Plan pauses and focus time in your calendar. Never heard of focus time? This is a good method to block some time to work focused on a topic and you let your colleagues know that you are not available for meetings.

3 Monotasking instead of Multitasking

Multitasking is your daily life business? You have also heard of the supposed advantages of multitasking? Unfortunately, none of these advantages are true.

Try it out yourself and you will see that focusing on one task at the time will help you to work more efficient and precise. You also need less time to finish an item than if you try to tackle multiple challenges at once. Prepare a to-do list and go from the hardest to the easiest task.

4 Relax on your way home

After a stressful day we need some time to relax and regain energy. Listen to music you like or read a book while getting home with public transport. Or have you ever tried out pod casts? Do whatever you like to lift your mood after a long workday!

5 Enjoy your vacation without thinking of work

Being available 24/7 feels so normal nowadays that we often forget to let go. Taking a step back and turning off the laptop seems impossible. You know this feeling? The feeling that you are not replaceable is a major contributing factor to burnout. Taking time off work obviously reduces stress. What might be surprising, is that vacation also boosts your productivity. We are simply more efficient when we are well rested.
Take a paid leave, stop thinking about work and simply relax for a little bit. You will come back and be the best and most productive version of yourself ;)

As the number of burnouts is rising...
listening closely to your body and implementing methods to reduce and manage stress are essential.
Remember: You know your limits best!

Do you want to increase your productivity at work? Check out our Blog post to learn about proven strategies which will help you to boost your efficiency without working harder.

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