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Boilerplate usage on macOS

What is a boilerplate?

If we talk about a boilerplate, we mean some standard text or text phrases, which we constantly need in our daily work in a variety of situations. A boilerplate is a kind of a predefined text template which doesn’t vary at all or just insignificantly in different situations.

But where does the term boilerplate come from? If we look up the term boilerplate in a dictionary, there are many definitions for boilerplate. One meaning is from back in the 1900s where steam boilers were made of strong steel plates. Later on, people started with the production of steel printing plates for the printing industry, which were distributed to various newspapers. These plates were called boilerplates. This seems to be the origin of the meaning we are using here, a template of some text that can be used repeatedly.

Usage of boilerplates

Now where we know what a boilerplate is, where and how can we benefit from a boilerplate? Boilerplates can be used in nearly every area. Standard phrases or clauses can be applied in contracts, e-mails, shipping advisories guides and manuals. A predefined boilerplate can also be useful for complicated recurrent URLs, names of medicaments, telephone numbers, birth dates, and other numerical dates.

Through the appliance of a boilerplate, our daily work can be immensely relieved. The more we use boilerplates, the more we can increase our productivity, save time, and avoid typos.

Quick access to boilerplates

But to really save time, it's essential to have quick access to your boilerplates. If you need more time to find, copy, and insert your predefinted text, then you won't save much time.

This is where Typinator comes into play. Typinator is a boilerplate software for macOS, that allows you to set up boilerplates and define your own abbreviations for them. Whenever you then type one of these abbreviations, Typinator inserts the corresponding boilerplate into your document.

With Typinator, creating and using boilerplates is remarkably quick and easy - and the amount of time this will save you is nothing short of astonishing.

Typinator has received a lot of great user feedback, like:

Typinator has revolutionized my workflow – anytime I know I will need a phrase/explanation more than once - it goes directly into this brilliant product. What a timesaver!
Todd Gilbert (Second Street Media), MO, USA