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Typinator stopped working

If Typinator does not work, this is very likely caused by a known bug in the security functions of macOS.

Please try the following:

Open System Preferences, select Privacy & Security / Accessibility and check whether Typinator is activated in the list.


To change any settings in this window, you may need to click the lock at the bottom of the window and enter your administrator password. Please use your password and not the fingerprint to do changes. We experienced that the accessibility settings authorised with the fingerprint didn’t do any changes but with password it worked without problems afterwards.

If Typinator is already checked in the list, first try turning it off and back on.

If this does not help, select Typinator in the list and click the “-” button to delete the Typinator entry from the list. Then click the “+” button and select Typinator from the Applications folder to add it back to the list. Typinator should re-appear in the list, with the checkbox turned on.

We recommend you to restart your computer afterwards.

If this still does not work, please also look for Typinator in the Privacy & Security section "Input Monitoring". If Typinator is listed there, turn the checkbox off and back on.